Welcome to Unique Wheels

Unique Wheels are an independent family-owned motorcycle business based in Dorset, specialising in supplying and buying some of the finest hand-picked, pre-owned motorcycles on the market.

With over 30 years experience within the industry, we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional customer service. We also offer an entirely unique advertising method. You'll find each and every motorcycle comes with a comprehensive description, service history, 20 or more high-quality images of the bike, (including keys and backpack) and an HD video of a full walk around the bike, giving riders the option to take their time when making a decision to purchase. Our aim is to reach out to nationwide customers and offering in-depth information about each bike, which eliminates them having to guess whether the bike is as good as it sounds. 

When preparing our bikes, we believe we go that extra mile. Our foundations and core business values have been built on being self-sufficient and we only buy and sell the best example of highly desirable bikes that we actually like, and more importantly, would be happy to put in our own garage. That's why all our machines undergo rigorous pre-delivery inspection prior to advertising, where we'll check all of the major mechanical parts of the bike and undertake any servicing of the bike as necessary, to give our customers complete peace of mind. 

Alongside our own in house workshop, we work closely with some of the finest local independent mechanical specialists and can cater to all of your future servicing needs. From Race bike preparation, Modern bike servicing and diagnostics over at Road and Race performance, to MOTs, classic 70s, 80s, and 90s bike servicing and restorations at Hollygrove motorcycles, we can point you in the right direction to successfully looking after any bike you purchase from us for many years to come. 

Our friendly, relaxed approach to customers is incredibly important to us. The team here at Unique Wheels love what they do and their attitude is carried forward to how they meet, greet and treat our customers. We're not here to do a hard sell on the bikes - our bikes sell themselves. Our aim is to make it a memorable service so that riders know they can come back to us when ready to change or just sell their bike.

In a nutshell, we are very serious and passionate about what we do, yet we go about it without taking ourselves too seriously at all! We work in a fun industry and it's important the customer feels that when they visit us, either in person or on the website. 

Our tagline is “We have nothing you need, but everything you want”! However visit us to experience that for yourself or get in touch for any further information – we're always happy to help.

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