2015 Testimonials

November 15

KTM RC8 2012 (12) 6700 Miles

Nick came to us and rode our KTM 990 Superduke and our RC8. Whilst both bikes are absolutely beautiful in their own right, Nick fell in love with the RC8 and we cant blame him. He sent us this picture of him and his son out for a ride and sent us this text. 

"Hi Guys, my sons first pillion on any bike! wanted to go out again even though it was freezing. Bike is awesome as is your friendliness and service, beyond the call of duty. Hopefully you may have more business and certainly more hits on your website. Kind regards  Nick.

Thank you for the kind words Nick, we hope you continue to enjoy your bike. Your son is very lucky to get a ride on the RC8, my first pillion experience was on my dads 1980 Honda CB250. Not quite as exciting!

September 2015. Triumph Tiger 800

Rod collecting this really well equipped and very low mileage Triumph Tiger 800. The previous owner had purchased the bike brand new with grand ideas of travelling the world on it hence the full luggage. Lucky for Rod, he never really made it out of his postcode wink emoticon. Enjoy

Triumph Street Triple 2013. May 16

Hi Stuart/Darren, Just a quick line to say thank you for forwarding on my spare bike parts, received with thanks. Also thanks for the excellent service regarding my purchase and part exchange, will definitelypromote your Business and service to others, (faultless) Regards,Les

Thanks for the kind words and great to hear your enjoying your bike.

March 2015. KTM 990 SM 2010

Adam was determined to get his new KTM 990 SM in the back of his low roof van when he travelled down from Gloucester. It was a tight squeeze but with a bit of pushing and shoving it fitted. No bikes were harmed during the exercise!

March 2015. Triumph Street Triple R

David traded his ER6 in against this incredibly well equipped Street Triple R. Its a really popular step up from an ER6 as weve probably taken half a dozen of them in over the years against a street triple. 

January 2016. Honda CB 600 Hornet 2013

Jake bought this absolutely stunning example of Hondas really popular street bike, the 600 Hornet that also benefited from an Akrapovic can providing the soundtrack. He had sold a really old V Max to buy this after realising they might be fast but they dont stop or go around corners! Never been a fan of a V Max either! Enjoy

KTM 950 SMR 2010. January 2016

Dean was over the moon when we arrived with his new bike. He bought the bike over the phone, unseen and wasn’t disappointed. We sell so many bikes now to customers who feel confident in our descriptions to take the plunge and by them unseen. Delivery to any part of the country is only 109 and takes 7 working days so distance is no longer an obstacle. Enjoy your bike Dean.

January 2016. KTM 950 SM 2008

David was stepping up from a Suzuki DRZ 400 SM that he had for about 5 years onto the KTM. He wanted to do some longer trips and found the DRZ was pretty tiring at any distance over 50 miles (well they are a dirt bike really!). The KTMs are a great street bikes as well as long distance mile munchers so we know hes made the right choice.

January 2016. Triumph Bonneville 2012

John from Birmingham rode down in the bitter cold on his 2008 Z1 he was trading in against this immaculate Bonneville. He came prepared with all the gear including an impressive heated jacket. Its taken John a little bit of time to get use to his new riding style as is often the case when making such a drastic change. He wanted to do more 2 up riding so made alot more sense. 

December 2015. KTM 950 SM 2008 58

Local rider Steve bought this lovely 950 SM of us. This is the second 950 he’s owned after having to sell his last one due to a change in circumstances. As soon as he could afford another one he didn’t hesitate to buy ours after viewing the bike and reading all of our testimonials. Fitted with  Akrapovic cans, we could hear him for quite a while after he left here!!

October 15. Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird 1996

After spending months looking around the UK for a really clean example, local rider Phil couldnt belief his luck when this absolutely immaculate Honda CBR 1100 XX Blackbird arrived in part exchange. Completely outside our usual profile age of bike, the condition was a real focul point and sat really nicely here with bikes that were 2 to 3 years. Still fully capable of mind bending speeds, It must be the most affordable time travel vehicle around! Enjoy!

October 2014. Kawasaki ZZR 1400

Looking for something more comfortable for He and his wife to enjoy longer trips on, David travelled along way to view this ZZR and traded in his older Bandit 1200 against it. It was a great spec example and perfect for what he wanted.

September 2014. Yamaha R1.

Local Rider Matthew collecting his 3900 mile Yamaha R1. The grin speaks volumes. It was an absolutely gorgeous example.


August 2014. Yamaha FZ1. 

Neil travelled all the way down from Bolton to view this immaculate FZ1 and was not disappointed and sent us the brief, but straight to the point message when he got back to Bolton.

Thanks Darren, wicked machine! Regards, neil

Nov 2013

After viewing 22 images and a video online, like many customers before him, Alan felt confident to purchase this 6 year old DRZ that had travelled only 930 miles without personally viewing it. This is the bike starting its journey up to Worcester using our trusted delivery company who have successfully moved in excess of 150 motorcycles for us now and offer us a guaranteed within 7 working days door to door service.


July 2013. KTM 450 EXC

Mark collecting his immaculate 450 EXCR to use on the local lanes instead of his very nice KTM 640 LC4 which he traded in.


Jan 2013

Due to being constantly dissapointed by misdescribed machines, Alan decided to drive all the way down from Newcastle to view our baby blade and was not dissapointed at all. It was immaculate.

June 2013. Yamaha YBR 125

Catherine collecting her incredibly low mileage YBR 125 in Horse trailer!! We helped her strap the bike down and hope she got it off ok the other end!! ;-)

March 2013

Nick collected this immaculate and very low mileage 250 EXCF 2009 MY and immediately began to use it exactly as KTM intended for. Enjoy.

Feb 2013

Kevin collecting his incredibly clean DRZ 400 S of us. He races historic vehicles on the european circuit and will be using this as his transport. I fear its condition is not going to be quite as good as this within a year!! 


March 2012 Suzuki SV 650​

Hi Darren,

Just wanted to take moment to let you know that it was a pleasure doing business with you.  I love the bike and she's running great.

Best wishes,

September 2011. Triumph Speed Triple


I would just like to thank you for a trouble free experience, when selecting my Triumph Speed Triple motorbike. From making the first call, to paying my deposit and then watching the bike role of the back of the SOS delivery van, was an experience I shall never forget. I am really pleased with my bike and it is a true depiction of the photo's which were placed on the website. What can I say, but I love it. Thank you & best regards, Johnny Miller *Could not find the testimonial page, but please cut and paste and feel free to use my comments on your website.